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Idaho Board of Nursing Review – March 20, 2020
Reviewed by Sedation Certification – December 23, 2023
State Sedation Policy – No Policy – Uses a Decision-Making Model


Contact the Board of Nursing if you have any questions! – Go to Rule 400 for Decision-Making Model


Is administration of procedural sedation within my scope of practice?

To determine your scope of practice, apply the process defined in “the Decision‐Making Model” in Administrative Rules of the Board, IDAPA

The Decision–Making Model will present questions to be considered in determining scope of practice:

1) Is the task expressly prohibited by the Nursing Practice Act or limited to the scope of practice of advanced practice professional nurses or prohibited by law?
2) Was the act taught as part of your basic nursing education? Do you possess current knowledge and competency to do this?
3) Is the act consistent with standards of practice published by a national specialty nursing organization or supported by recognized nursing literature or reputable published research?
4) Does your employment setting have established policies and procedures authorizing you to perform the function?
5) In a similar situation, would this same standard of care be provided by a reasonable and prudent nurse with similar education and experience and are you prepared to accept the consequences of the act?

The Decision‐Making Model provides the format for determining scope of practice. The answer will not be the same for each professional nurse or in every situation.



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