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Kentucky Board of Nursing Revised – 6/23/2023
Reviewed by Sedation Certification – December 20, 2023
State Sedation Policy – Yes
Can RN’s give sedation? – Yes
Can LPN’s give sedation? – No
Can RN’s give Propofol/Ketamine? – Determined by Institutional Policies and Procedures/Protocols


Contact the Board of Nursing if you have any questions!

The Kentucky Board of Nursing is authorized by Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) Chapter 314 to regulate nurses, nursing education and practice,
promulgate regulations and to issue advisory opinions on nursing practice, in order to assure that safe and effective nursing care is provided by nurses to the
citizens of the Commonwealth.
The Kentucky Board of Nursing issues advisory opinions as to what constitutes safe nursing practice. As such, an opinion is not a regulation of the Board and does not
have the force and effect of law. It is issued as a guideline to licensees who wish to engage in safe nursing practice, and to facilitate the delivery of safe, effective nursing care to the public.

AOS 32 The Role of Nurses in Procedural Sedation, Analgesia, and Airway Management in Various Settings

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